Mastering the Game: Discover Who Can Make Points in a Badminton Game

The sport and badminton game is well-known and famous all around the globe but is mostly played among Asian region individuals or professionals. This sport is marked with high skills and requires strength, stamina, great playing equipment, and knowledge of the sport. If the player or Individual is familiar with the official rules and knows who can make points in a badminton game, then he might make a career in this fascinating sport.

This inspiring sport is played in different challenges and world championships or the most famous Olympics which raises the bar for high-level competitors. In this discussion, we will guide the readers about the rules of badminton, its scoring system, its officials, and the winning rules of the game.

With the passage of the era, the rules/regulations of the badminton game are advancing and changing, and after 2006, the rules were changed to a rally system. The game includes many playing and scoring rules but here are some of the main official rules:

The Rules of Badminton Game 

  • A match played between individuals consists of the best of three games.
  • Each game consists of twenty-one points.
  • The individual or pair with a two-point lead at the end wins
  • After reaching 29-all. The player/pair scoring the 30th point wins.
  • A serve is considered legal if it’s hit diagonally across the court and above the net.
  • The net is not allowed to be interrupted by any player or can’t be touched by the racket.
  • The shuttlecock must be hit only once.

The Players and Playing Areas

The Badminton Court: The playing area comprises a rectangular area marked with 40 millimeter long lines. This area is divided into vertical badminton posts containing a strained net.

Match Type and Players: The playing area can either contain two opposing players or two pairs opposing each other. The competitive match consists of five different game types:

  • Men’s Singles
  • Women’s Singles
  • Men’s Doubles
  • Women’s Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles

The Scoring System of Badminton

As mentioned above each match whether singles or doubles are played in the best-of-three format, and the player or team attaining 21 points wins the match. On each serve, one side scores a point and wins the rally, and by winning the next serve is awarded to them. If both of the sides score 21-21 in a match, then one opponent must win by a two-point lead, but if the sides score 29-29, then the first one getting to 30-point wins.

Who can make Points in a Badminton Game?

Who can make points in a badminton game

The player with better skills, experience, game knowledge, and better equipment tends to make more points than others in a badminton game, but a point is made when the shuttlecock hits and touches the opponent’s side of the playing court including the lines.

A point is also Won:

  • If the shuttlecock (birdie) travels outside the playing lines of the court
  • If the shuttlecock hits the net whether passing through it or under it
  • If the shuttlecock is being hit 2-times by the player then a point is scored by the other side.

The Officials of Badminton

The referee in charge of a match, tournament, or any championship is called the referee who is an official of badminton and is well aware of the rules and regulations of this sport.

 Singles matches or events require six in charge referees:

  • One umpire is the main judge of the game, the playing court, and its surroundings.
  • The shuttlecock landing in or out of the lines and its indications are judged by four Line judges.
  • Lastly, one service judge determines if the service was legal or not.

The Doubles Matches or events require eight In charge officials:

  • One main umpire judging the match and surrounding
  • Six line judges indicate a foul when the shuttlecock is out of line, and they are assigned to each side of the playing court.
  • A service judgment official.


How many points are in a badminton game?

After a serve, every time you win a rally, you receive a point. The first individual/pair to reach the 21 points mark wins the game, But if the game reaches 29-all then the individual/pair getting the 30th point wins the game.

What is the set point in badminton?

In a badminton game to 15 points, if the scores of the players reach 13-13, the player reaching the 13-point mark first can make a choice of “setting” or choosing to play till 15 points.

Can points be deducted in badminton?

Any badminton team conceding a match will automatically lose 4 points from their league position, and a deduction of 12 points is done from their “FOR” score.


Playing sports and games like badminton is not easy, whether you are a starter or an advanced player. The sport that is marked amazing or that requires the best playing equipment and a good playing Area also demands natural player skills, high-level training, the ability to learn, strength and stamina, and other attributes. To, conclude this informative discussion, I would suggest and educate the readers to always gain the perfect knowledge about the sports and games they are interested in or are playing, in order to attain a perfect playing experience. With all the skills and knowledge, one can play higher levels of the sport and can enjoy their favorite sport playing as a professional.

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