What is called badminton racket? A guide to understanding the sporting equipment

The badminton racket is a sport equipment that is officially recognized as a “racket” by the Badminton World Federation (BWF).

It’s a fundamental tool in the sport of badminton that is used to strike the shuttlecock in forth and back directions.It was initially originated in Asian countries and was called battledore in ancient times.

The world of badminton in the category of sports is vast, as it’s played and enjoyed in almost every region of the globe. This sport is fascinating, that requires the right amount of passion, skills, training, consistency, and the right types of equipment. In the discussion below, I have guided the readers and the badminton players about the evolution of badminton rackets, how they are made, what the game requirement is, and have guided you about the Term, “Racket”.

Let’s further try to know what is called a badminton racket. And how is it made?

Evolution of badminton racket from ancient battledore to modern equipment

Evolution of badminton racket from ancient battledore to modern equipment

Initially players used to play with an equipment called battledore, that was made of pure wood and it was used to strike the shuttlecock.

How a badminton racket is made?

A badminton racket is made in 4 crucial steps , let’s discuss each step one by one .

1.Selection of material:

In this step the material that will be used in the manufacturing of racket is selected. A mostly lightweight and durable material is selected that provides enough strength.

For example carbon fibers, fiber glass, titanium alloys, or ceramic.

2.Molding the frames:

In this step the selected material is heated and molded into frames of different design and shapes.The shape and design of a racket plays an important role in determining the rackets performance.

3.Stringing the Racket:

This phase involves puncturing holes along the frame to accommodate the strings.The strength and tension of strings are also very important as they have a greater impact on the player’s ability to control the shuttlecock.

4.Quality control:

This is the final step and in this step manufacturers Inspect all the rackets and ensure that each racket meets the required standards and delivers optimal performance.

What should be the length and weight of a badminton racket?

What should be the length and weight of a badminton racket?

The length and weight of a  racket are very important as they determine its performance. A racket usually comes in range between 665mm to 675mm and should not exceed 680mmm.So, rackets that come  between 665 to 670 are labeled as ‘extra long’ rackets.

As for as the weight of a racket is concerned it is indicated by the letter “U”,which ranges from 1U to 9U.A racket with a lower number is heavier in weight but a racket with a higher number is lower in weight.

For example:



Moreover when a racket is without a string or grip, it’s usually specified with numbers:

3U:Weight ranging from 80 to 90 grams

4U:Weight ranging from 80 to 85 grams.

Understanding the term “Racket”

What is called badminton racket

Racket means not only an equipment that is used in sports but also it refers to a loud and disturbing noise, an uproar or a clamor. However in the realm of badminton, it is the indispensable tool that allows players to enjoy the thrill of the game.


In conclusion I want to say that a racket that was called shuttlecock in ancient times is an amazing equipment that is used in different sports like badminton.It is made with different materials and comes in different styles according to the level of a player.

And it’s making material, design, weight and length effect the performance of the player. I hope after reading this article you can explain what is called badminton racket?

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