What is 3U in Badminton Racket?|3U vs 4U

When we think about playing Badminton sport, there are a variety of different factors to keep in note. Questions like What is 3U in Badminton Racket, are answered in this discussion about Badminton 3U vs 4U. No matter how skilled or passionate you are about playing badminton, things like Racket weight, string tension, grip size, the shape of the racket, and many other factors can impact your gameplay and badminton playstyle.


This sport of badminton requires a lot of passion, dedication, skills, and time, but one can only be professional or better in this game when he/she has the right equipment and the perfect badminton racket matched to their skill set.

Just like other racket features including the Style, Length, grip size, design, shape, and shaft length, the Weight range or racket size is also important. The weight of the badminton racket is determined and marked with the letter “U”. The 3U weight Range indicates that the Badminton Racket weighs 85-90 grams without the Grip or strings. The Weight of the Badminton Rackets is Categorized into the following weight ranges:


      Weight Grade

           Weight Range



94 Grams or Above



90-94 Grams



85-89 Grams



80-85 Grams



75-79 Grams



70-75 Grams



60-69 Grams



59.9 Grams and Below

Features of 3U in Badminton Racket

Below are the Features of the 3U Badminton Rackets;


  • The Weight Range of 3U Rackets in badminton is Heavier and larger than 4U and above Rackets.
  • These 3U rackets are marked as Older Rackets that were used before the other rackets were created.
  • The badminton rackets that are equipped with a 3-cubic Head-Size are considered 3U Badminton Rackets.
  • The 3U Rackets are not Easy-to-Play rackets, but they are Cheaper than others and are great for beginners.
  • These badminton Rackets are also best for Players with Larger hands or with greater arm strengths.

The Badminton 3U Vs 4U

The Badminton 3U Vs 4U​

Earlier, when badminton was first played (Early Origins of Badminton), the playing rackets were long and Wide and were measured in Cubic Meters, so the larger the cubic meters the bigger the racket. Nowadays, this racket size is reduced to 4.5 inches in length, making them easy to hold and easy to use. The Rackets marked with 3-Cubic meters are called 3U and with 4-Cubic meters are known as 4U rackets, and below I would guide you about their differences and which one you should select.

Shaft Length of 3U vs 4U

The Shaft length is marked as the distance between the racket’s bottom end to the base of its Grip. The longer the Shaft of a Racket, the more it generates power on its impact. As the 3U rackets have a Shorter Shaft length than the 4U rackets so it is less powerful in hitting shots, but longer Shafts can break Easily.

Weight Difference between 3U vs 4U

The Weight of a badminton racket can determine its power and can specify its impact-hitting power. As the 3U rackets are much Heavier so they are more powerful but require more energy on the swing. Whereas, a lighter racket such as a 4U racket requires less force on the swing but is less powerful.

Grip Size of 3U vs 4U

The region from where we hold the racket is actually the shaft’s diameter and is known as the Grip of a racket. The Grip size varies from racket to racket and is generally calculated in inches. The rackets marked with longer Grip Sizes are considered hard to use and are not suitable for beginners, as these rackets provide less control. Whereas, the rackets marked with smaller grip sizes are considered best for beginners and young players as they are Easy-to-use.

The Racket Shape of 3U vs 4U

The shape of a badminton racket is an essential element in your play style and gameplay, as the rackets with rounded edges are easy-to-hold and provide more control. The 3U and 4U racket shapes can vary a little but provides the same benefits, and mostly they are manufactured in a triangular or an oval shape.

Which Badminton Racket Should you Choose, 3U or 4U

Which Badminton Racket Should you Choose

If you are a starter, a beginner, you have just started playing badminton, or you have a low budget then the 3U rackets are the best option for you, as these rackets are Cheaper than others and can be perfect for Young players or players with short grips. On the other side, if you are a professional or a serious badminton player, then you should select a 4U racket, as these rackets are considered a better choice, providing longer shaft lengths, having smaller head sizes, and lastly, these rackets are more expensive.


What is 3U Badminton Racket?

The 3U or 3-Cubic meter is a racket size that is marked with a weight range of 85-90 grams. These rackets are heavy and powerful, providing great performance but are cheap and recommended for beginners.

What is the difference between 3U and 4U in Badminton?

The “U” marked here is the Unit of weight in badminton rackets that are calculated in Cubic meters. The 3U rackets lie between 85-90 grams, while, the 4U rackets lie between 80-85 grams.

Is 3U better or 4U?

Both racket sizes are marked for different level players, as these rackets are equipped with different specs, features, designs, and different shapes. The 3U racket is used by young players, while the 4U rackets are used by serious and professional players.

Are 3U and 4U rackets used in Doubles?

Yes, both of these racket variants containing a different weight range are considered and used in Singles, Doubles, or in Mixed Format. As different players are marked with different skill levels and playstyles, so both 3U and 4U rackets are used in different badminton formats.


When Buying or considering a badminton racket, proper knowledge of rackets like what is 3U in badminton racket and proper guidance on Badminton 3U vs 4U is important and necessary, as there are thousands of badminton rackets that are manufactured by a variety of different brands. All of these rackets are marked with different specifications, weights, grip sizes, features, shapes, and designs. 


In the Above Discussion, we have guided the readers about the features of 3U and 4U rackets, their specs, shaft lengths, shapes, or designs, and which racket is a better option for them. To Conclude, I would suggest that Readers always consider the rackets that match their playstyle and Skills for a perfect playing experience.

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