Top 9 Best Badminton Racket Brands of the Year!

Are you a beginner badminton player, or an advanced player marked with lots of experience and skills, and are wondering or searching for the Best Badminton Racket Brands? Playing
badminton with the right type of equipment is compulsory, as one with a Racket matched
perfectly to his playstyle and gameplay can produce better results, or make you win games. In
this Informative Article about the Best Badminton Racket Brands, I have enlisted the Top
badminton racket brands, and their famous rackets, and have briefly explained one of their best badminton racket.

For a badminton player, equipping and selecting a racket matching their playstyle or skills is
crucial, moreover, there are a variety of different brands of badminton rackets manufactured by a variety of different companies like Yonex, Victor, Li-ning, etc. All of these brands produce
rackets that are marked with Unmatched features, superior specifications, Vibrant designs, and
High-Quality construction, delivering a fascinating playing experience.

List of the Top 9 Best Badminton Racket Brands

With the enormous and wide range of badminton rackets present in offline or online
marketplaces, choosing one is complicated, but below I have enlisted the Best badminton racket Brands that manufacture high-class rackets for different players.


the best badminton brands

Yonex was started in early 1946 right after World War 2. This brand is the most famous
badminton and racket manufacturing brand in the world. This brand infuses cutting-edge
technology and Japanese craftsmanship to make innovative rackets that players wish for.

Yonex is a very diverse brand and has rackets for all kinds of players whether you are a
beginner or a professional player there will be a Yonex racket that can suit best for you. The
badminton rackets produced by this brand have all the properties and qualities that a
high-quality racket has and a player needs alongside an innovative design.That is why it is placed at top among the best badminton racket brands.

Famous Rackets by YONEX™
These are some of the well-known and most famous badminton rackets manufactured by Yonex
Badminton Brand;
● Astrox 88S pro badminton Racket
● Arcsaber 11 badminton racket
● Astrox 100 ZZ badminton racket
● Astrox 88D badminton racket
● Astrox 99 play badminton racket

Uniqueness and Astrox 88S Pro
The Astrox 88S pro badminton racket of the YONEX brand is marked as one of the most used
and well-known rackets among different-level players. This high-quality badminton racket is
marked for professionals, providing mid-court to aggressive front playstyle, and containing a
head-heavy balance, stiff shaft, and 4U weight.


The best badminton racket brands

Victor has a big name in the sports of badminton and rackets. This brand was started in 1968 by
Chen Den Li in Taiwan. Victor sponsors many great players and big international tournaments
like Denmark Open and Malaysian National Badminton. These brands’ products are being sold
in more than 60 countries of the world and this brand is still expanding its business.

This Victor brand manufactures all types of badminton rackets for all types of players whether
they are beginners or professional players. The badminton rackets produced by this brand are
of top-tier quality and provide the customers with all the great characteristics of a great
badminton racket.That is why it is placed at 2nd spot among the best badminton racket brands.
Famous Rackets by VICTOR™
These are some of the well-known and most famous badminton rackets manufactured by Victor
Badminton Brand;
● Victor Thruster FC badminton racket
● Victor Auraspeed 90S badminton racket
● Victor Auraspeed 9A badminton racket
● Victor Jetspeed 11 badminton racket
● Victor Auraspeed Hang C badminton racket

Uniqueness and Victor Thruster FC
The Victor Thruster FC is marked as a badminton racket for advanced and professional players
manufactured by VICTOR company. This Thruster series model is marked with advanced
systems and technology, providing the latest features, great speed, nice accuracy, and a
superior playing experience


lining is amonge the best badminton racket brands

Li-Ning is a massive racket brand that was marked and founded in 1989 by a famous gymnast
called Li Ning who won 3 gold medals in the 1984 Olympics. Although Li-Ning is a new brand in
the market it still competes with the big brands like Yonex and Victor. This brand is wildly
successful and has made progress very quickly.

This brand generated more revenue than Yonex in the year 2019 and has made more than 2
Billion USD while Yonex has approximately made 600 Million. Li-Ning is very popular in China
and it is also very famous in some other countries but not as famous as other big brands.That is why it is placed at 3rd spot among the best badminton racket brands.

Famous Rackets by LI-NING™

These are some of the well-known and most famous badminton rackets manufactured by
Li-Ning Badminton Brand;
● LI-NING Blade X 500 4U badminton racket
● LI-NING Aeronaut 8000 Drive badminton racket
● LI-NING AX Force 80 badminton racket
● LI-NING Turbo Charging 75 badminton racket
● LI-NING 3D Caliber 900 Boost badminton racket

Uniqueness and LI-NING Blade X 500
The Blade X 500 badminton racket manufactured by Li-Ning is designed for professionals,
advanced players, and intermediate players. This High-End racket aids in providing Impressive
performance, sturdily built construction, innovative features, and well-balanced weight
distribution for a controlled playing experience.


among the best badminton racket brands

Wilson is a sporting goods company started in 1913 by its founder Thomas E. Wilson and the
original name of the company was ‘’Ashland Manufacturing Company’’. This brand is very
famous in the United States but it is not very famous until now and is not as big as other
This brand is known for producing badminton rackets that are affordable and most of the time
used by beginners and new learners. Wilson has made a lot of progress in its technology and is
making high-quality and great overall badminton rackets that are used by athletes in
professional events.

Famous Rackets by WILSON™

These are some of the well-known and most famous badminton rackets manufactured by
Wilson Badminton Brand;
● Wilson Blaze SX9000 Spider CV FC badminton racket
● Wilson FIERCE CX 6000 EXZONE badminton racket
● Wilson Blaze 270 badminton racket
● Fierce CX9000 CV badminton racket
● Recon PX5000 TWS badminton racket

Uniqueness and Wilson Blaze SX9000
The Blaze SX 9000 is one of the most popular and well-known badminton rackets manufactured
by Wilson Sports. This racket is marked with overall performance attributes, marked with the
latest Spider Silk Ballistic Frame Armor technology, providing unmatched precision, pace,
accuracy, and balanced gameplay.


the best badminton brands

The full name of this brand is Ashaway Line and Manufacturing Company which is a
family-owned company in the United States. This company was started very early in 1824 by
Captain Lester Crandall and has been making strings and fishing products since then. These
brands of accessories and types of equipment are being used in sports like squash, badminton,
racquetball, and tennis ball.

Ashaway has become a very successful company in the United States and the surrounding
countries. This brand produces high-quality badminton rackets and other accessories and has
never disappointed its customers with the quality and features of its products.

Famous Rackets by ASHAWAY™
These are some of the well-known and most famous badminton rackets manufactured by
Ashaway Badminton Brand;
● Ashaway Phantom Helix badminton racket
● Ashaway Viper XT 1600 badminton racket
● Ashaway VEX Striker 300 badminton racket
● Ashaway Carbon Pro 5000 badminton racket
● Ashaway Striker Force 80 badminton racket

Uniqueness and Phantom Helix
The Phanton Helix Badminton racket manufactured by the Ashaway brand is equipped with
lightweight build construction that reduces air drag, high-quality and durable strings for better
tension or durability, and a Surprisingly comfortable grip decreasing any arm or wrist strain,
delivering a long playing experience.


the best badminton brands

Carlton is a company started in 1946 in England. This brand has made a lot of contributions to
the research and development of rackets sports technology and table tennis products. Carlton is not a very big brand like Victor and Yonex but it is still a very large company and makes a lot of sports goods and types of equipment.

The main focus and specialty of the Carlton Badminton brand is that speed is the main motive of their products. The products manufactured by this brand are designed with speed in their mind while making their rackets generally lighter and even-balanced.

Famous Rackets by CARLTON™
These are some of the well-known and most famous badminton rackets manufactured by
Carlton Badminton Brand;
● Carlton Vapour Trial Tour badminton racket
● Carlton Kinesis Vortex badminton racket
● Carlton Vapour Extreme Fusion badminton racket
● Carlton Vapour Trial Elite badminton racket
● Carlton Aeroblade badminton racket

Uniqueness and Carlton Vapour Trial Tour
The Vapour Trial Tour racket is marked as one of the best badminton rackets made by Carlton
company, which is used by intermediate and advanced badminton players. This Vapour Trial
racket features a great control system, providing racket stability, lower air drag, great precision,
and excellent power.


the best badminton brands

Babolat is a very old company that was founded in early 1875 in France. It is one of the oldest
companies that specialize in racket sports, badminton, tennis, and padel sports. Babolat has
been known to revolutionalize the sport of badminton and has made a lot of innovations and
development in the sport.

This company still produces a string with natural gut which was common back in the old days.
The main objective of this brand is the performance of its products and the performance of the
players who are using its products. This brand produces fascinating badminton rackets and
other equipment.

Famous Rackets by BABOLAT™
These are some of the well-known and most famous badminton rackets manufactured by
Babolat Badminton Brand;
● Babolat Satellite Power badminton racket
● Babolat I-Pulse Blast badminton racket
● Babolat Satellite Gravity 78 badminton racket
● Babolat I-Pulse Power badminton racket
● Babolat X-Feel Origin badminton racket

Uniqueness and Babolat Satellite Power
The Satellite Power model of the Babolat badminton racket is made with high-quality
construction materials like high-grade Graphite, or carbon fiber. This satellite power racket
provides a fusion of precision and strength, delivering perfect balance, durability, equilibrium,
and featherlight performance.


the best badminton brands

APACS is a subsidiary brand marked by the Yehlex company with its headquarters marked in
Malaysia. This brand was started in 1985 by the owner Ian Little who is still the owner of this
brand. APACS is an acronym for aggression and power which represents the major elements of
badminton and other racket sports.

Yehlex is their brand which sells shuttlecocks, grips, and other accessories while APACS
manufactures most of the badminton rackets. APACS is a new brand but it still competes with
the big companies in the present time. The badminton rackets manufactured by this brand are
of great quality and provide great overall performance.

Famous Rackets by APACS™
These are some of the well-known and most famous badminton rackets manufactured by Apacs
Badminton Brand;
● Apacs FW 500 badminton racket
● Apacs Unisex Finapi 232 badminton racket
● Apacs Virtuoso Performance badminton racket
● Apacs Z-Ziggler LHI Pro 3 badminton racket
● Apacs Vanguard 11 badminton racket

Uniqueness and Apacs FW 500
The FW 500 model racket manufactured by the Apacs brand is marked as one of the best
rackets for Smash and is suitable for beginners and intermediate players. This Apacs racket is
constructed with high-quality material, providing easy-to-handle features, durable design, and a
long-lasting playing experience.


Best badminton racket brands

The badminton racket Brand Felet which is also called Fleet is a company that is based in
Malaysia and was founded in 1992. This brand is very famous in its home country Malaysia and
the surrounding countries also. Felet is actually an acronym for their motto which stands for
finesse and elegance. This company is expanding further and distributing its products in 15
countries worldwide.

This brand has made a lot of advancements and specializes in badminton products. This brand
is known for manufacturing its products with using the finest material and providing the players
with the finest quality badminton rackets. This brand also makes grips and shuttlecocks.Due to all these above factors it is also considered among the best badminton racket brands.

Famous Rackets by FELET™
These are some of the well-known and most famous badminton rackets manufactured by …
Badminton Brand;
● Felet Woven TJ Power V2 badminton racket
● Felet Titanium Ti 88 badminton racket
● Felet Woven Ti 3000 badminton racket
● Felet Fence Speed badminton racket
● Felet Aero Carbon badminton racket.

Uniqueness and Felet Woven TJ Power V2
The Woven Tj Power V2 racket is marked as one of the most expensive and powerful
badminton rackets manufactured by the Felet racket brand. This Woven series racket contains
an Aero-Shaped wave turbo power frame and a Slingshot T-joint, delivering low aerodynamics,
booster shaft quality, and high-end performance.


How do I find which is the best brand among all these best badminton racket brands?
Finding or selecting the right and perfect badminton racket that matches your skills and game
style is important. To choose the perfect match for your requirement, you should keep these
three things into consideration;
● The Balance point of the racket
● The weight of the Racket
● The Shaft-stiffness of the Racket

Is Li Ning or Yonex better?

Both of these badminton brands are most famous and marked as well-known companies around
the globe. The Yonex brand manufactures rackets for different ages and skill levels that are not
that expensive, while the Li-Ning brand produces rackets for only ameature, professionals, or
advanced players which are expensive.

Which company is better than Yonex?
The above-mentioned companies or best badminton racket brands are all well-known and best
in their own categories. All of the racket brands produce high-quality products, goods, and
rackets, delivering the best racket features, specifications, designs, and unmatched attributes.

End Note

To End this Informative guide about the Best badminton racket brands, I would suggest and
recommend the readers or racket buyers to read and go through the above discussion, in order to rocket-boost your badminton, racket, and different brand knowledge. Above I have enlisted some of the best Badminton racket brands that are marked with fascinating and powerful badminton rackets.These best badminton racket brands are manufacturing some of the best badminton rackets in different categories like rackets for smashing, for professional players, for doubles, for singles, for intermediate players, for beginners, and for overall usage. These racket brands are all you need to enhance your badminton experience.

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